Tamar Kalifon

Two-dimensional works with duct tape

The rationale behind Tamar Kalifon’s exhibition draws inspiration from architectural structures she creates a space built with a limited toolbox of geometric shapes, typical to the urban landscape. Over the course of Tamar’s work process, an interactive dance takes place: exposure, camouflage, concealment, and the creation of new geometric order. The resulting image undermines natural order and defines a world in which the spatial conditions are flexible and misleading.
Tamar works with rolls of duct tape; a technigue imposing straight and uncompromising lines, and a limited color palette. What at times seems as limiting, actually allows the practice of placing the material at a given pace. A metaphorical drumbeat guides the placing of the lines and the connections between the geometrical shapes. One plane of work is subjected to a certain beat, while the plane resting above it is controlled by a different beat, and so on.
Between the geometric conditioning and urban landscape, a space is left blank for the imagination to fill, enriching the color spectrum, reflecting personal, inguisitive, and critical interpretation. Presenting a work in isolation or in relation to other works reflects different points of view as to their role and placement in space. By doing so, the various chords of each work are connected and made up into a new musical piece, changing its character the more deeply it is viewed.